Friday, April 1, 2016

El Camino de Santiago

In the 9th Century, Santiago de Compostela became one of the main destinations for Christian pilgrims. According to legend, the remains of the apostle James (Santiago in Spanish) were burried there, and a chrch was built on this site. Every year pilgrims from all over Europe came to Compostela to visit the apostle's tomb. The route taken by the pilgrims is known as the Road to Santiago (Camino de Santiago).
The Road to Santiago bacame of great importance to Castilian territories. Many businesses were started in the cities on the route to meet the travellers' needs.
It was also important in terms of cultural development. The pilgrims brought the fashions, styles and ways of thinking of other countries and, consequently, Western culture was brought to the Peninsula.
Some of the best examples of Romanesque buildings in Spain are found along the Road to Santiago.

Maps of the roads to Santiago de Compostela

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