Monday, April 4, 2016

Christian Kingdoms- GLOSSARY

Cortes (Cortes) the assembly made up of members of the clergy, aristocrats and members of the bourgeoisie that helped the king to rule
Mesta (Mesta) an importnat organisation of sheep farmers that solved conflicts between its memers, among other missions
wool (lana) the material obtained from sheep; it is used to make cloth
absolute monarch (monarca/ rey absoluto) a system of government in which the king or queen has total authority over his or her kingdom and its subjects
auto de fe (auto de fe) a ritual of pubic penance by heretics condemned by the Inquisition
convert (converso) a person who changes religion
corregidor (corregidor) a representative of the king or queen with local administrative powers
heretic (hereje) a person whose religious beliefs are different from those of the Catholic Church
Inquisition (Inquisición) the religious court established by the Pope to supress heresy in Catholic countries
Morisco (morisco) Musilm living in the Christian Kingdoms who has accepted Christian baptism
religious uniformity (uniformidad religiosa) the government imposition of a single religion on the population
sanbenito (sanbenito) the clothing worn by penitent heretics convicted by the Inquisition during and auto de fe
viceroy (virrey) a person who rules a territory in the mane of the monarch
torture (tortura) the act of causing great pain, as punishment or revenge, for getting a confession or information, or just for cruelty

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