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Romanesque and Gothic Architecture- GLOSSARY

aisle (pasillo de la nave) a passageway separating seating areas in a church
altar (altar) elevated structure located in the choir, where religious rites are performed
ambulatory (girola o deambulatorio) circular aisle which wraps around the apse
apse (ábside) the semicircular or polygonal termination to the choir or aisles of a church
arch (arco) curved structure over an opening
barrel vault (bóveda de cañón) it is a semicircular construction used to cover the space between two walls
buttress (contrafuerte) a mass of stone built up to support a wall, usually necessary to strenghten those of great height
capital (capitel) the crown of a column, sometimes decorated
cathedral (catedral) the principal church of an area, where the throne of the bishop is placed
chancel () Space around the altar of a church that is usually intended for the clergy
choir (coro) the area of the main altar where services are sung, located between the crossing and the apse
clerestory (clerestorio) the upper story of a church where it rises above the aisle roof. window openings, usually of stained glass, allow extra light into the interior
column (columna) a cylindrical support for roof, usually capped by a decorated capital
crossing (crucero) intersection of the nave, transepts and chancel
cross vault (bóveda de crucería)
cruciform (crucifirorme) cross shaped -Latin or Greek
dome (cúpula) hemispherical vault
flying buttress (arbotante) a buttress arched over at the top to engage with a main wall. It gives strength to the main structure
gargoyle (gárgola) a water sprout terminating in a grotesquely carved figure of a human, demon or animal, and projecting from the gutter of a cathedral
groin vault (bóveda de arista) it is the vault formed when two barrel vaults meet 
lancet arch (arco apuntado) a Gothic pointed arch usually applied to long, narrow windows
masonry (mampostería, sillería) work constructed by a mason, esp. stonework
nave (nave) the main corridor of a church or cathedral from door to apse
pillar (pilar) square support for roof
pinnacles (pináculos) a slender, pointed summit placed on top of buttesses
radial chapels (capillas radiales o absidiolos) the recesses on the sides of aisles in cathedrals
rib vault (bóveda de arista)
rose window (rosetón)
round arch (arco de medio punto) it is an arch whose round part equals the measurement of half a circumference
tower (torre)
transept (transepto) the north and south projections or 'arms' of the cross
triforium (triforio) space or passage above the nave arcade, below the clerestory, and extending over the ceiling or vaults of the side aisle
tribune or gallery (tribuna) an upper story over the aisle which opens onto the nave or choir. It corresponds in length and width to the dimensions of the aisle below it
tympanum (tímpano) a panel above a main portal, or doorway, usually heavily decorated
vault (bóveda) an arched ceiling

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